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Gubi Campus: Along Bauchi/Kano Road, Gubi, Bauchi State.

Faculty of Technology Education

Our Departments and Subprograms

Educational Foundation

M.Tech. Programs

M.Tech. Educational Administration & Planning

M.Tech. in Educational Guidance & Counseling

PGD Programs

PGD Education

PGD Programs

Ph.D Educational Administration and Planning

Ph.D in Educational Guidance & Counseling

Ph.D Educational Psychology

Ph.D Curriculum Studies

Science Education

M.Tech. Programs

M.Tech Biology Education

M.Tech Chemistry Education

M.Tech Computer Science Education

M.Tech Physics Education

M.Tech Mathematics Education

PGD Programs

Ph.D Mathematics Education

Ph.D Science Education

Vocational and Technology Education

M.Tech. Programs

M. Tech Metal Work Technology Education

M.Tech Agricultural Education

M.Tech Automobile Technology Education

M.Tech Building Technology Education

M.Tech Electrical Electronics Education

M.Tech Woodwork Technology Education

PGD Programs

Ph.D Automobile Technology Education

Ph.D Metalwork Technology Education

Ph.D Woodwork Technology Education

Ph.D Agricultural Education

Ph.D Building Technology Education

Ph.D Electrical & Electronics Education

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